Starbuzz 100g Black Tin


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Green Savior: It is difficult to pinpoint the unique taste, but it is more of an enticing mixture of exotic spices and floral elements.
Mighty Freeze: When numerous tart lemons come together with ice-cold spearmints, you have Starbuzz Mighty Freeze. It feels like a refreshing lemon drop candy with a chilly explosion.
Peach Queen: An understated peach cobbler taste makes this Bold shisha different from other peach tobaccos.
Pineapple Freeze: An exotic blend of tropical flavors of pineapple and cool mint that make it a nice choice for summer hookah sessions.
Spiced Chai: Its true flavors emerge out as the bowl warms up – it offers you creamy tea-styled flavors.
Tropicool: Loaded with tropical pineapple flavors with a no-mint cooling effect.
Watermelon Freeze: It got a lovely watermelon candy flavor with the freezing mint tang to end.
White Bear: It will take you on a trip to some tropical destination where you will be amid of sweet pineapples smoking your hookah. Smoking White Bear is like smoking a bowl of gummy bear with some citrus notes on the exhale.
White Mint: Nothing can be more refreshing that this sweet chilling mint hookah flavor. It is miss if you haven’t tried Starbuzz Bold White Mint yet.