Starbuzz 100g Silver Tin


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Blueberry: The name says it all – it is a simple scrumptious blueberry-flavored tobacco with a subtle touch of sweetness.
Blue Mist: it is literally the world’s most famous tobacco flavor that feature an unusual blend on blueberry with a certain cooling effect mint but there is neither mint or spearmint in it. Read the Starbuzz Blue Mist Review.
Blue Surfer: Like the name, the tobacco is a relaxing sweet combination of some juicy tropical fruits and refreshing cool mint.
Citrus Mint: Undoubtedly, it is a tropical blend with flavors of sweet, juicy citrus fruits with n minty-cool endnote.
Citrus Mist: A sibling to the Blue Mist, is Citrus Mist. It is a pleasant hookah tobacco with some robust citrusy tastes along with the characteristic cooling effect at the end.
Classic Cola: If you eliminate the fizz factor, then this Starbuzz tobacco is like a bottle of regular cola.
Coco Jumbo: To be exact, it tastes like lime is fused in coconut.
Coconut: It is a coconut-flavored tobacco but very creamy and tastes exceptional when mixed with Starbuzz White Peach tobacco.
Code 69: Enjoy a fantastic fruit punch with a slight tartness.
Cosmopolitan: Starbuzz Cosmopolitan has done full justice to its name. if want to make it more fun, replace the water with some grape juice.
Grapefruit: It tastes genuinely like the citrus grapefruit – great to smoke it solo as well as in a mix.
Hard Rush: When the fruity flavors get a hard thud of winter fresh mints, it is called Starbuzz Hard Rush.
Guava: Starbuzz Guava shisha features a concoction of tropical flavors with Guava.
Kiwi: Just like the fruit, even this Starbuzz shisha is exotic.
Kiwi Strawberry: An amalgam of strawberry and kiwi, this Shisha is super-tasty, smells sweet and gives out huge tasty clouds.
Lemon Mint: Much like Starbuzz Lemon but with a fantastic cooling mint effect transforms this into a very cool shisha.
Mango: Starbuzz presents Mango, a shisha with great fruity aroma and flavors of mangoes.
Melon Blue: It is a subtly sweet blend of blueberry and green melon.
Passion Kiss: Could be many things but in the hookah bowl, it’s tropical fruits.
Passion Fruit Mojit:. So many flavors in one bowl – citrus, spices, passion fruit, then there is mint.
Pina Colada: The beautiful Pina Colada is a fine concoction of coconut and pineapple.
Pineapple: It is very sweet and true to its name. When mixed with Banana or Coconut, it tastes even better.
Pink: Starbuzz brings you a special variety of raspberries in Pink Shisha along with a hint of lemonade underneath.
Pirates Cave: It is a striking blend of lemon-lime.
Raspberry: It’s sweet and raspberries.
Safari Melon Dew: An excellent blend of sweet melon that will entice you again and again.
Sex on the Beach: A mixture of citrus (orange + lemon).
Strawberry Daiquiri: A tropical mixture of strawberries topped with some citrusy flavor.
Tangerine Dream: It is a concoction of tangy orange and cream – smells and tastes equally fantastic.
Tequila Sunrise: The flavor is a blend of berry, pomegranate, orange along.
Vanilla: It is a creamy tobacco. Whether you smoke it like that or mix it with other flavors, Vanilla is fantastic.
Watermelon: This fresh fruit delight will never disappoint you.
Winter Fresh: This strong pungent-smelling tobacco has got some powerful mint flavors.
White Peach: Starbuzz created a sweet creamy blend of peach flavors.