Alfakher 50g


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Great things come in small packages, and these Al Fakher 50g boxes live up to that saying. Each box contains a freshly sealed pouch of their high quality traditional molasses.

Each Al Fakher 50g box, depending on how you prepare it, can produce approximately 2-3 hookah sessions.

Al Fakher makes the flavor selection process in your shopping experience very easy with their true to taste collection of flavors. When the label says Blueberry Mint, Al Fakher means taking a trip to Blueberry town with a rush of cooling flavor. There are 2 new flavors we’d like to highlight that might not be so easy to decode from their name.

Lucid Dream – A blend of blueberry, lemon, and an icy mint infusion.

Magic Love  Passion fruit, melon, spices, and a little mint on top