Backwoods Single


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ORIGINAL: The classic cigar that started it all. Each cigar is one of a kind, but they’re all packing the same tasteful, aromatic punch. You just don’t mess with a classic.

SWEET AROMATIC: Looking for something smooth? We’ve got a signature blend just for you. Spark up something smooth, fragrant and distinct.

HONEY BERRY: Inspired by the wild, enjoyed by all. This fan favorite is a sweet and tasteful combo that you won’t forget anytime soon.

HONEY BOURBON: Crack open a pack of these Kentucky favorites that are sure to go down smooth. Who’s got the next round?

DARK STOUT: Taste that’s anything but pint-sized. Enjoy a dark, full-bodied taste that you won’t find on tap anywhere else.

RUSSIAN CREAM: Ready for something different? How about something smooth, creamy and delicious? We’ll raise a glass to that.

BLACK RUSSIAN: The taste of rich coffee liqueur and iced vodka gets the all-natural Backwoods treatment. Our latest limited release is made to be savored.