Jungo Leaf


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Introducing Jungo Leaf Wrap Cuts 5 PK by Quavo and Takeoff from the Migos. These cigar wraps are a testament to the artistry and passion behind a truly exceptional smoking experience. Each wrap features perfectly cured, natural, and unflavored Fronto leaf, hand-picked by the finest tobacco purists to ensure unparalleled quality.

The Jungo Leaf Wrap Cuts are cut to perfection by skilled cigar rollers, guaranteeing consistency and an effortless rolling process. These wraps possess slow-burning properties, allowing you to savor each puff and prolong your smoking session.

What sets these wraps apart is their commitment to using 100% natural ingredients. You won’t find any chemical flavors or additives in these wraps, ensuring an authentic and pure smoking experience that stays true to the essence of tobacco.

With a variety of delightful flavors, including Banana, Blueberry, Honey Bourbon, Sweet Aromatic, Natural PA, and Strawberry, Jungo Leaf Wrap Cuts allow you to customize your smoking experience to your preferences.

Each package includes 5 cigar wraps, giving you ample supply for multiple smoking sessions. Whether you’re relaxing alone or enjoying the company of friends, these wraps are the perfect addition to elevate your smoking experience.