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The Pyne Pod Boost is an advanced disposable vape which features Boost Mode. With simple 2-click activation, Boost Mode ratchets up flavor density and vapor production with higher-performance. Boost Mode may cut into the estimated puff count, but the Pyne Pod still generates an estimated 6000 puffs in Boost Mode and 8500 puffs when operating in its standard, and already impressive, performance parameters. Boost Mode works by switching to a secondary coil, which has lower resistance and greater vapor production.

The Pyne Pod also features an on-off button to avoid accidental activation, a rarity in draw-activated disposable vapes. USB-C charging allows you to recharge the 550mAh battery in just 30 minutes. Battery and e-liquid displays will help make sure your Pyne Pod Boost can always be run at full throttle. The nicotine strength of is 5 percent. The Pyne Pod Boost is available in a tremendous collection of salt nic flavors, formulated to take advantage of the sophisticated coil designs and augmented power provided by its dual mode performance capabilities.